Why the iPhone Yahoo Fantasy Football App Is a Necessity For Fantasy Football Participants Still 2022

Why the iPhone Yahoo Fantasy Football App Is a Necessity For Fantasy Football Participants

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Do you start counting the days each year for NFL football season once the Superbowl is over? Are you an avid fantasy football player who spends more time on your computer looking up player updates than being productive in the office? Have you ever been away from your computer when you wanted to start one of your players or forgot to update your lineup before game time? If your fantasy football league uses Yahoo Fantasy and the previous question set applies to you, the following article will have a remedy for you.

Prior to the introduction of the Yahoo Fantasy app, users would have to rush home to a computer or risk having a player be inactive for the week and ruining their fantasy season. With the new Yahoo Fantasy Football app, participants no longer need to have this fear. With the app, a fantasy team director can log in to the app and click on the league they are concerned about.

Once in the App the team owner can click on the roster tab and then click the “edit” button in the top right hand corner. Once this button is clicked, the owner can choose which players to bench and which players to start. The beauty of this app is the ability to be out in a field hunting or on a beach in paradise and still be able to update your team as long as you are within cell phone range.

The next major feature of the app is the ability to get player status updates on your iPhone. The Yahoo Fantasy Football App allows the user to get up to the minute player info which is useful for a team owner who’s player just got injured or if they are looking to pick up a backup to a starter who was injured.

The app extends this ability one step further by adding the add player tab. The tab allows the team owner to search for a player and add the player to his or her roster. The feature also lets the owner know if the player is on waiver wire or if they player is already owned by another team in the league.

The Yahoo Fantasy Football App for the iPhone expands the capabilities of a fantasy football team and makes managing a fantasy football team much easier. A team owner can now be anywhere in cell phone range at anytime and get the vital updates necessary to stay a competitive fantasy football team owner.

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