Why Solar Energy Is a Good, Renewable Energy Source? Stop 2022

Why Solar Energy Is a Good, Renewable Energy Source?

Still 2022

These days we hear a lot about using eco-friendly products, bio degradable products, recycling plastics, etc to minimize carbon footprint and save environment. But, we fail to realize that unless and until we minimize consumption, we cannot really save our environment. For instance, look at the world’s consumption; today products are being manufactured, used and then disposed at a higher pace than earth can accommodate it to a less harmful way. So, it is important that we switch to green alternatives now, else we will be covered by pollutants and toxins produced in the due course of manufacturing non-biodegradable products like plastics. In this article, we will discuss about one such green alternative which has remarkable effect on reversing the negative effects we created by technological advancement and industrial revolution.

There are numerous ways to combat climate change, but switching to a clean, renewable energy source- solar is an ideal way. So, let us look at some of the exciting facts about solar power.

· It is the most abundant source of energy. The amount of energy earth receives in one minute is approximately 10,000 times more than the energy needs of entire world.

· Undoubtedly, solar energy is the cleanest source of energy available on the planet. Unlike fossil fuels, solar power doesn’t produce any toxic byproducts. Solar panels use photovoltaic system which has no harmful effect on environment and humans.

· Solar energy is convenient, versatile and flexible compared to wind energy because prime source of solar energy is the Sun which is accessible at every part on the globe. Unlike hydropower (which is also a renewable and cheap source of energy), solar energy is not a threat to sea life and /or any inhabitants of the Earth.

· Worried about ever-increasing utilities bill and looking for a way out? Well, solar energy is your solution. By installing solar panels you will not only curtail your utilities bills, but you are also increasing value of your property. Though solar panels are little expensive upfront, they prove to be efficient and cost-effective in the long run. The best part is that they don’t need much maintenance thereby saves you from additional expenses besides being durable.

One of the common misconceptions about solar panels is that they are expensive and affordable only for the elite class which is not true. Solar panels require one time investment after which you don’t have to invest for regular maintenance. In fact, in most of the countries, government is giving special tax benefits and other benefits for going solar. Once you install solar panels, you get freedom from utility bills, power cuts and enhance the value of your property by being eco-friendly.

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