Why Monday After Sunday Today 2022

Why Monday After Sunday

Still 2022

Do you ever think why Monday comes after Sunday and Tuesday comes after Monday, if you did,you have a curious nature and if you are not able to get your answer don’t think that your question is wrong.I will try to give you the most accurate answer for this question.
The concept of 7 days in a week or we can say that the concept of 24 hours in a day came from Indian astrology called ”Jyotish Shastra” to answer this question asked above we have to know some special points of the Jyotish Shastra called Hora Chakra. Let us try to understand this concept.
First we have to know that the definition of planet in Indian Astrology is pretty much different from the modern definition of a planet.It calls an object planet if it revolves in a certain region of space around the earth. It doesn’t mean that Indian astrology says that Earth is the centre of solar system but the definition of a Planet is little different.So now we know what is a planet according to Jyotish sastra.The Astral bodies called planet are Sun,moon, mercury,Venus, Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune but in the consideration of Hora chakra Uranus and Neptune are not considered because they are much far to affect us.
So now we have 7 candidates for hora Chakra and those candidates are Sun,moon mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
The descending order of those 7 candidates to make a full circle of revolution with respect to earth according to Indian astrology is
And when we see the original time of their Revolution with respect to our Earth, we found that the series is 100% correct.
Around 5000 years ago the Indian astrology divides a whole day in 24 hours and says that those 7 candidates has effects on each hours because of their time period of revolution so now the original concept of Hora Chakra is introduced.
Now make a circle and put 7 points on it and now put the names of seven candidates of Hora chakra sequentially in clockwise manner you will find the hora Chakra.
Now the main question arises.what to do with this hora Chakra and what is the relation between the day order and this Chakra so now let us know that according to Indian astrology the planet sun is the parent of this solar system, which is again totally correct. Now put your hand on the point where sun is written and count 24 from starting from that point(clockwise). When you start your counting with the sun it means that the first hour of that day is affected by sun so we call that day Sunday and when you count 24, The 25th planet appears is the first hour of another day and you will find that the planet was moon so the next day is called Monday(the day of moon). So finally we reached the answer. when you count 24,the next planet was always the first planet of the next day so the next day depends upon that planet and we find the sequence just like that
1st. Sunday(day of sun)
2nd. Monday(day of moon)
3rd. Tuesday(day of mars)
4th. Wednesday(day of mercury)
5th. Thursday (the day of Jupiter)
6th. Friday (the day of Venus)
7th. Saturday(the day of Saturn)

The circle repeats after 7 days that’s why a week consist seven days.We also find the answer of a question that which is the first day of a week Sunday or Monday so it is always Sunday.


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