The Importance of the Tenth House – Mid-Heaven – In Career Progression of the Native Stop 2022

The Importance of the Tenth House – Mid-Heaven – In Career Progression of the Native

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In astrology odd signs are masculine while even signs are feminine. It is good for a male native to be born in the daytime and have ascendant and the Sun and Moon in odd signs. Similarly for a female the opposite holds true, it is good to be born in the night time with ascendant, the Moon and Sun in the even signs.

Tenth house or Mid-heaven is astrology represents opposite of midnight i.e. midday, it is when the Sun is at its peak.

It is excellent to have either the Sun or Mars in the tenth, even if Mars happens to be in its fall; the reason for the Sun to be powerful in this house is obvious. If you see the natural zodiac which starts with Aries and ends with Pisces, the sign of Capricorn falls in the tenth house, and Mars is exalted in Capricorn, hence tenth Mars often makes a person a leading light in the chosen profession. Both, the Sun and Mars get directional strength in this house. A conjunction of Mars with either Jupiter or the Moon in this house-with neither in its fall-can raise the native fortunes immensely.

Tenth house is the house of profession, occupation, karma, and also father. If there is a single exalted planet in this house, it means that the native will be extremely successful in his profession and a leader in his field. If the lord of the tenth house is also exalted, then nothing can stop rapid rise of the native to the top in the shortest possible time.

Likewise, presence of any planet in its fall in the tenth shall be detrimental for the rise in life; it shall be a double whammy for the native if the tenth lord is also is in its fall. An aspect of Jupiter in this case shall reverse the bad luck arising out of such unfortunate placement.

Presence of the tenth lord in the tenth, joined by the lord of the ninth creates a prime ruling combination.

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are the significator of the tenth house. Their dignity also lends strength to this house.

If the tenth house is hemmed in between its lord and its significator(s) or two natural benefics, it also creates a very good path for career progression of the native.

Similarly if the tenth lord is hammed in between to natural benefics it also strengthens the tenth house indications.

Similar results can be predicted if tenth lord is in the tenth in vargottam (posited in the same sign in ninth division chart).

Conjunction of the tenth lords from ascendant, the Moon and Sun signs is also an indicator of native’s success in life.

No person can ever rise sufficiently high in life if the tenth house is defective; therefore, please beware
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