The Erect Penis and Varicose Veins Today 2022

The Erect Penis and Varicose Veins

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A guy tends to focus a lot of attention on his erect penis, whether in the interest of pleasing a partner or pleasing himself. Yet despite the considerable attention a man gives it, it’s the rare man that knows that the penis can develop varicose veins. Getting older means extra attention to penis care is necessary, and a regular check for signs penile varicose veins should be part of this effort.

Not just in the legs

When most people hear “varicose veins,” they picture an older person’s leg with lumpy lines running all over it. But the fact is that varicose veins can present themselves in other parts of the body as well – including the penis.


It’s simply any vein that has become enlarged and twisted. But how does that come about?

Veins are equipped with a series of “valves” that basically shut off to keep blood flowing in one direction – forward. Without the valves, blood flow could reverse and start moving in the wrong direction. However, these valves can malfunction, creating this reverse flow for portions of the vein. This enlarges the vessel and creates a lump or, more often, a long series of lumps along the affected area. These lumps are often caused by clots, which can be dangerous, and eventually may lead to fibrosis in the area.

Varicose veins tend to be hereditary, and while they are more common in women, men do get them as well.


A penile varicose vein is often mistaken for a bruise, which it resembles, although it tends to be closer to the color of the skin than the typical blue of the bruise. It is often also mistaken for lymphangisclerosis, a thickening of the lymphatic vessel. Hardness and lumpiness are the physicals signs that present in the most obvious fashion.

If a man develops a penile varicose vein, it is most likely to occur in the dorsal penile vein. This is the blue line that runs prominently along the top of the penis. However, varicosity can occur in other veins in the body part as well. Varicose veins are easier to find in an erect penis, as the tautness of the skin in the erect state makes the lumpiness more obvious to see and feel.

Issues and treatments

Penile varicose veins have not been extensively studied and so there is little information about their health effects. It is generally considered a benign situation, but it may cause some minor pain or discomfort. A urologist should be consulted, especially if pain is an issue.

Most men with penile varicose veins find it beneficial to use lubricant when masturbating or engaging in partner sex. Vigorous sex can sometime cause irritation, which can be lessened through the use of a condom.

Fortunately, for most men, penile varicose veins are a minor annoyance and don’t generally affect the all-important enjoyment that comes with a happily erect penis. When soreness does result, using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help. All men experience penile soreness at some point, whether due to vein irritation or not, and using a crème that can maintain suppleness of the skin diminishes that pain. For that reason, the selected crème needs to contain both a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) and a high end emollient (such as Shea butter) in order to preserve skin elasticity. The ideal crème also should include L-arginine, an enzyme which is involved in the production of nitrous oxide. This allows the penile blood vessels to relax and open, improving blood flow through the veins and oxygenating the areas properly.

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