The Asteroid Goddesses Still 2022

The Asteroid Goddesses

Still 2022

Overlooked by some astrologers, and under rated by others, the asteroid goddesses, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas Athena fill critical gaps in astrological interpretation.

A recent note from one client reveals their power: ” Juno put words to the feelings I have carried for the last decade plus– that I would work with my partner and that as a couple our work would involve some kind of humanitarian pursuit. At times over the years I thought I might be going mad because I couldn’t articulate what I was feeling very well and had no basis for feeling that way.”

My client continues, “After a while I just quit talking about it so that I didn’t have to explain myself to friends and family. But this description of Juno says that it’s not only normal that I would feel this way, but also where I will thrive in relationship! Don’t you just love astrology?”

Discovered in the early 1800’s, the asteroid belt is a grouping of small bodies orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. They symbolically form a bridge between our personal awareness as represented by the inner and the outer planets. Several asteroids orbit between Mars and Jupiter, but the largest in size and influences are Pallas Athena, Vesta, Juno, and Ceres. Truly, as a race, we are returning to honor of the divine feminine. Inviting the asteroids emphasizes humanity’s evolving recognition of our dependency on Mother Earth.

Ceres – The Earth Mother

Key words: Protection, Separation, Seasonal Cycles,
Fertility and Harvest, Mother/Daughter Issues

Ceres, also known as Demeter, (the Mother) is the largest of the asteroids. Venerated as a goddess of the harvest, Ceres gives clues to our acceptance of nurturing, unconditional love, and self esteem. As an archetypical Mother, Ceres also reveals early childhood nurturing issues. And critically, Ceres shows how we weather the transformational mysteries of birth and death.

Juno – The Queen

Keywords: Marriage and Commitment, Beauty,
Renewal of Love, Betrayal

Next in the lineup of asteroid goddesses is Juno, also known as Hera. Juno is a goddess of peace and fertility ruling over three lunar stages of life: Maiden – of the New Moon, Bride – of the Full Moon, and Widow – of the Dark Moon. Juno is also assigned themes of committed relationships. These can be traditional themes such as those surrounding love and marriage as well as business relationships. Sexuality is the deepest expression of Juno, and her doorway to the secret of life.

Vesta – The High Priestess

Keywords: Focus, Dedication, Mystery, Tantric Sexuality,
Enlightenment, Sacred Flame

Another aspect of sexuality and love is symbolized by Vesta. In contrast to Juno’s realm of intimacy within the boundaries of a formalized relationship, Vesta’s altar was one of sacred sexuality in the name of devotional love. Vesta’s energetic realm is that of ceremony and ritual psychic development. Expressing her keynotes of purity and fire, in the natal chart Vesta reveals our focus. It’s where our inner hearth fire burns and guides us as we direct our personality. Once again, there is a call for commitment- this time to one’s self.

Pallas Athena – The Sacred Warrior

Keywords: Strategy, Wisdom, the Arts, Holistic Healing,
Drawing, Weaving, and Pottery

Last but not least is Pallas Athena. Also known as Minerva, this warrior goddess daughter of Zeus came to life fully mature and ready to meet her destiny. She is renowned for her gifts of prophecy as well as her wisdom. She is also revered as the goddess who taught the practical arts of pottery and weaving to humankind. In the natal chart, Pallas accents issues dealing with intellectual drive and our creative urges. She supports excellence in the professional world, but also addresses the cost women (and men) sometimes pay for intellectual armor. Pallas Athena also addresses how one’s will is expressed through artistic endeavors or healing energies.


Mythological stories provide much insight into the asteroid stories, and thankfully a few authors have taken on the task of unveiling the role of asteroids in our collective consciousnesses. One of the best books for more detailed information is “Asteroid Goddesses, the Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Reemerging Feminine” by Demetra George (ACS Pub 1986.) Another excellent resource is “Mythic Astrology” by Ariel Guttman and Kenneth Johnson (Llewellyn Pub 1993.) Both of these books are authentic and valuable tributes to asteroid interpretation.

The asteroid goddesses, Juno, Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas Athena enrich the lives of both women and men. Greet them with reverence for the archetypical role which they play in all of our lives. Their stories make an amazing contribution to astrology. Thank you, Goddesses!

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