Take Your Son Whom You Love And Sacrifice Him As A Burnt Offering Stop 2022

Take Your Son Whom You Love And Sacrifice Him As A Burnt Offering

Today 2022

The directions were clear,
take him out, light him up
bring him to a coffin, smarten up
do not break a single looking-glass
Yet this was no ordinary task,
killing your first-born would always be quite rough,
but there seemed to be something special about it
Let’s call it a catharsis, discharge, distillation,
a cool yearning, extrication, substance, release
Still to hear him crack on the sidewalk and sizzle
after dark is certainly a very different thing,
Beneath the window-sill there were mad men running,
sacrificial acts, boldness, baldness, silent drift
Solicitation, rift and cunning, though there are other points to consider as there are many small fish within the river, some of them only looking to settle down, final statements, awful settlements, contusions, contortions, confusion, unwanted enemies facts and figures, gradual turns, curves, non-violence, old movies, flat abatement
There are numerous objects, hard words, maps, toys, chocolate milk, rendezvous, blue water, crayfish, lost pigs, soft elation, yet there are other ways to take it, sole implants may be found almost anywhere but especially with deep brown haddock millions of minions who haven’t got a clue but there is microfiche to be had, floating memories ripped off joints, green eggs and ham, circle the ship for there might be refuse in abandon, contemporary thoughts, wide engines, musk, pull it apart as it may have life separate from the others, break the cycle of endless persecution and woe for when the light has been put away there is no sadness, misgivings, bury the hatchet, a new time to play.

how i met your mother s05e03
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