Stonecold – Flat & Minimalist Portfolio Template

Stonecold – Flat & Minimalist Portfolio Template

Stonecold – Flat & Minimalist Portfolio Template


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Stonecold – Flat & Minimalist Portfolio Template designed with flat and minimalist template. In the future people love flat and minimalist concept. Template have beautiful hover effect for the item. And also have a filter feature to filter every item. To use filter item, just open the index.html, then find “filters-button-group” class. Inside of that you will find button which have attribute “data-filter” to find something class. Let say “data-filter=”.webdesign”, this button will filter item only show / display class webdesign inside of div item. In this case, you will find this class inside of grid.

Next, this template have working contact form build with ajax and php, so when somebody fill contact form, php script will send email automatically to recipient email but you need to change recipient email to your email. So you can get the notification. To do this, just open sendmail.php and change “[email protected]” to your email. Then save the file. You will get notification when form submited and make sure your mailserver is good.

Stonecold template have seven HTML file and one PHP file. And also have css file for styling, font-awesome.min.css is for generating icon font, owl-carousel is use for make slider, bootstrap.min.css is use for base styling framework. For fonts type, I use 2 type of google fonts, ” ‘Montserrat’, sans-serif ” and ” ‘Lora’, serif ”.

Then for the js script I have one additional script to help manage any feature, 1 jquery.min.js, 1 boostrap.min.js, 1 imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js, 1 isotope.pkgd.min.js, 1 owl.carousel.min.js.

This template is powered by Bootstrap 3 so it’s responsive and support for mobile device.


1. Jquery –
2. Isotope –
3. imagesLoaded –
4. Owl carousel –
5. Pexel –
6. Boostrap –
7. Google fonts –

All images on the preview, is not include in the download file.


Stonecold – Flat & Minimalist Portfolio Template

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