Step 2 to Winning Back Your Boyfriend – Disappearing From His Radar Still 2022

Step 2 to Winning Back Your Boyfriend – Disappearing From His Radar

Today 2022

There’s a song out there that goes: “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?” And in the break up world, nothing could be more true. Nothing will make your boyfriend think of you romantically again until he misses you, and your reunion won’t happen until you can make your ex want you back. This is your ultimate goal. Once you can accomplish this, that’s the exact moment when your phone is going to ring.

As tough as it is, the best way to get your ex back is not to call him. You can’t contact him, email him, text message him, or any of those things. No matter how small or innocent you think your message may be, what you’re really doing is letting him know you’re still “around”. Guys love that. A guy wants to know you’re still there just in case he wants you back, enabling him to go on with his life and do whatever he wants without you. Only when he’s not really sure where you are or what you’re doing will he finally start to wonder if maybe he shouldn’t have broken up with you in the first place.

Oh, and all those little personal belongings you left at his house? Don’t bother with them. Anything big or important you left behind should’ve been settled when he broke up with you. Let everything be: after all, you’re going to eventually try and get back with your boyfriend anyway. Even better, there may be a point where he’ll want to use them as a reason to set up a reunion date with you (step 6). There’s absolutely no reason to see your ex at this time; and the more contact you have now the harder it’s going to be to start a new relationship with him again later on. Let things go.

Dropping off your ex’s radar can be tough. If you work with him or go to school with him, you’ll need to avoid as many situations where you could bump into him as possible. Incidental run-ins should be treated with you quickly moving off to do something else – don’t be rude or snotty, but don’t engage in conversation either. You want to give the overall impression that seeing him doesn’t really matter to you, and small talk with your ex is the last thing you want.

If you can avoid all physical encounters, even better. Now you’ve got to concentrate on not calling, emailing or otherwise contacting your ex. Winning a boyfriend back is all about piquing his interest, and you’re never going to do that if you’re always on his ear. By dropping out of sight he’ll start wondering where you are, what you’re doing, and how you’ve been. As time goes on he’ll start realizing (and worrying) that maybe you’ve moved on without him. Don’t start or encourage rumors to this effect, but don’t give him any information to think otherwise. In the case of a break up, out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind – yes, even for a guy who dumped you.

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