Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For June 2010 Stop 2022

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For June 2010

Stop 2022

You start the month with big ambitions. You feel that you’ve got something special to offer, that with the right contacts you can achieve just about anything.

It’s because Mars, your ruling planet, is close to Regulus, the Royal Star. You have a chance to meet important people, and if you handle yourself in the right way, then I’m pretty sure that you can benefit.

However in early June, as Mars passes through the last degrees of Leo, it makes a stressful, 180-degree aspect to Neptune. This aspect is potentially very dangerous. You could be attracted to things which are weird and wonderful, but the most colourful fruits in the garden are often the most poisonous.

So if someone makes you an offer that sounds too good to be true… then it probably is too good to be true!

Also, you have to be careful to avoid the seamier and less reputable side of life. You’re attracting famous people, but you’re also attracting criminals, and a few Scorpios may be tempted to indulge in criminal behaviour.

On June 7 Mars, your ruling planet, moves into Virgo, where it stays until late July. All of a sudden your social life is going to become very important, and you’ll start spending a lot of time with your friends. However there’s a danger that arguments break out – however well you know someone, there’s still plenty of scope for disagreement.

From a career point of view, the last half of the month looks good. After all, on June 14 the planet Venus enters the career sector of your solar chart. In your working environment you’ll become very popular, and your presentation will be excellent. Though that’s no excuse for complacency – by focusing on the details you’ll be giving yourself the edge.

Looking at your love life, then at the beginning of June single Scorpios have unusual tastes, and they could link up with some very unusual people. However the end result could be unfortunate, and it might therefore be best to put your love life on hold.

However as the month progresses your romantic situation steadily improves, and in high-profile locations you can meet someone special. Perhaps we’re talking about someone you work with? A business meeting could take on a new dimension!

Finally, in early June Jupiter enters Aries, where it stays for the whole Summer. Health matters could become very important, and it’ll be a great time for Scorpios to improve their diet and general lifestyle.

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