Raj Bhang Yoga – Negative Cancellation Factors In the Horoscope Discover 2022

Raj Bhang Yoga – Negative Cancellation Factors In the Horoscope

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What is Raj bhang yoga?

The yoga that cancels the beneficial effects of raj yoga and some other positive yoga is known as Raj bhang yoga. Some raj yogas present in the horoscope are not experiential and fruitful, because of some negative and cancellation factors hidden in the birth chart.

Factors responsible for Raj bhang yoga

  • Debilitated planets in the chart.
  • Defeated planets (defeated in planetary war)
  • Planets posited in inimical houses.
  • Retrograde planets
  • Combust planets
  • Planets associated with the Nodes.
  • Weak planets
  • 6th/8th/12th house/lord
  • Raja Bhang Yogas

Combinations for Raj bhang yoga


  • Lord of ascendant posited in 12th, and Moon and Mars combined in 10th the native will deprived of all worldly pleasures and leads a lonely life in foreign land.
  • Equal number of Malefic posted in ascendant and 7thnot aspected by Jupiter Is also Raja Yoga Bhang.
  • Lord of ascendant placed in 2nd/5th from Moon, Sun is posited in 10th and a malefic placed in 8th, and indicates live hood through low level work.
  • If Aquarius is the ascendant and Jupiter combined with Rahu.
  • Three planets in the chart are in debilitation with no planet in exaltation causes Raj bhang yoga.
  • Rahu placed in ascendant and Venus, Mercury and Moon posited in quadrant causes miseries and poverty.
  • Ascendant is not vargottam and not aspected by any planet.
  • Sun, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter placed in ascendant indicate Raj bhang yoga.


  • Sun is in Aries sign but in Libra navamsa indicates poverty in life.
  • Sun is deeply debilitated in Libra sign indicates troubled life.
  • Sun is in its own navamsa, Moon is aspected by malefic without any benefic influence, even the native born in a royal family has to face severe poverty and hardship in his life.


  • Moon in ascendant or in the 7th not aspected by Jupiter is Raja bhang yoga.
  • Moon is in 10th, Jupiter placed in 7th and any malefic planet present in 9th, the native will be cause of disgrace for his ancestors.
  • No planet aspecting Moon and ascendant causes miseries in life.
  • Moon and Mars placed in Aries sign, aspected by Sun and no benefic planet aspect them makes the person Bhikshu [homeless monk, eating by begging for alms].

Specific Raj bhang yogas:

Kendrum yoga: when no planet other than the sun is posited in 2nd/12th from the Moon results in Kendrum yoga which gives utter poverty, struggle and mental tension to the native.

Sakata yoga: If Jupiter is placed 6th/8th from the Moon and Jupiter is not in quadrant or all the planets placed in ascendant and 7th house caused Sakata yoga, which causes paucity of money and peace in native’s life.

Mahapatak yoga:If Jupiter combined with a malefic aspect Moon combined with Rahu, the person will be dishonest, unreliable and sinful


  • Lord of 9th is posited in 12th, lord of 12th placed in 2nd and a malefic sitting in 3rd causes Raj bhang yoga.
  • Venus deeply debilitated in Virgo and Jupiter deeply debilitated in Capricorn indicates strain in life.
  • Debilitated Jupiter posited in ascendant indicates great downfall in life.




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