Oral Sex Tips to Rock His World Discover 2022

Oral Sex Tips to Rock His World

Stop 2022

You want to be the best at giving your man oral sex and you want to be able to make this happen today. You don’t want to be the timid woman that you once were. You want to unleash your inner sex goddess and learn some oral sex tips to rock his world.

Although every man is different and has different tastes, most men would agree that these tips are the sexiest and most pleasurable things you can do to a man during oral sex.

Make it wet. The wetter you have your mouth or the more lubricant you use on your hand, the better it is going to feel for him. You know that when you are really lubricated during sex, your man always comments on how good it feels. The same goes for oral sex. Make it wet and your man is going to love it.

Use both hands. A lot of women use one hand to stroke the man’s shaft as they work on the tip with their mouths, but they are forgetting that they could be putting that other hand to good use. Don’t forget to stimulate his testicles as well and this is where your other hand can get to rubbing. Rub and stroke his testicles, as your other hand and your mouth are busy working. This triples his chances of having a mind blowing orgasm and rocking his world.

Blow on him. After a while of stimulating your man with your warm mouth, blow on his member with your lips. This cool sensation will send shivers throughout his body and will definitely spice things up. It’ll be a neat little sensation that he never saw coming and one that he won’t soon forget.

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