OOP in PHP With Tests

OOP in PHP With Tests

OOP in PHP With Tests


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Course Description

Object Oriented Programming is one of the most frequently used paradigms today. Test Driven Development allows us to build applications with the guidance of tests. If you’d like to learn more about these concepts, dig in: there’s much to cover!

What You’ll Learn

  • The concepts of unit testing and test-driven development.
  • Object construction and destruction, class inheritance, and Unified Modeling Language.
  • Working with the library object and mocking.
  • Class dependencies, interfaces, and abstract classes.
  • Using the autoloader and setting up a user interface.

About the Instructor

Patkos Csaba works in several programming languages and uses all the major Agile techniques from Scrum to Lean and from TDD to DDD. Since August 2012 he has been sharing his programming knowledge with the Envato Tuts+ community through articles, tutorials, and courses. You can check out his website, follow him on Twitter, or connect with him on LinkedIn.


OOP in PHP With Tests

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