Nietzsche – Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

Nietzsche – Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

Nietzsche – Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template


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Nietzsche is a robust and flexible template with a unique design intended for agencies and creative individuals that want to put their work forward in a professional and unique manner. Built on our own flexible framework called Timber, it comes with a range of ready-to-use components, content blocks and several in-house developed plugins and much much more.

If you have any pre-sale questions do not hesitate to contact us through our profile.

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Template Updates

Honorable Mention Awwwards

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Main Features

  • Ultra Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Fullscreen Slider Sections
  • Fullscreen Parallax Sections
  • Fullscreen Sections With Navigation
  • Sortable Portfolio ( opt for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 column layouts with or without margins )
  • Several Homepage Layouts
  • Several Project Layouts
  • 3 About Page Layouts
  • 3 Contact Page Layouts
    • With working contact form
  • Blog
    • Standard blog index with sidebar left/right
    • Creative blog index with grid ( opt for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 column layouts)
    • Full width blog index
    • Post page with sidebar left/right.
  • 404 and 500 pages
  • 2 Coming Soon Pages
    • With working MailChimp signup form
  • Fullscreen Menu & Off Screen Menu
  • 4 Different headers
  • 2 Different footers ( single or multiple columns )
  • Entypo Font Icons
  • Coded with care! Valid HTML5 / CSS3

Standard ThemeMountain Product Features

3 Premium In-house Developed Plugins

With every ThemeMountain product you get 8 in-house developed core plugins (3 premium, 5 free). This means you do not need to rely on any third party for such things as sliders, lightboxes, parallax sections etc. We’ve got you covered. It also means, when there is an update, you’ll always be sure to get it!

Example of Premium Plugins:

Avalanche Slider

  • Hardware accelerated content slider with touch support
  • Captions with CSS3 transition support
  • Supports HTML5 background video
  • Supports Vimeo, & YouTube video + API
  • Supports fullscreen, full-width and carousel mode
  • Support for landscape & portrait images
  • Multiple sliders can be added to same page
  • Solid API for further customisation
  • Very detailed documentation with examples

Summit Lightbox

  • A lightweight responsive lightbox with touch support
  • Supports images, Vimeo & YouTube Video, Iframe and AJAX content
  • Caption support
  • Very detailed documentation and examples

Snowbridge Parallax

  • Exclusive responsive parallax plugin
  • Uses requestAnimationFrame to achieve a higher frame rate
  • Very detailed documentation and examples

Full In-house Plugin List:

Third Party Plugin List:

  • imagesLoaded
  • Isotope
  • FluidVids
  • MediaElement

20+ Predesigned Sections

All our templates come with 20+ predesigned sections that can be copied into any of the templates and easily styled to suit your requirements. Detailed documentation and examples are provided for each section.

To name a few:

  • Hero sections
  • Social sections
  • Stat sections
  • Portfolio sections
  • Signup sections
  • and much more

20 Framework Components

Our Timber framework comes with 20 components ( accordions, tabs, buttons, pricing table etc.) that are easy to style and can be dropped into any template. Our documentation provides a detailed example of each component and how it can be styled.

PSD Files

Nietzsche includes psd files for the logo and map marker only.

SOS! I Need Support!

In addition to an extremely detailed template and framework documentation we provide top-notch support!

Post a comment or open a ticket here.



All of our base photos come from the following stock photography sites:

  • BigStock
  • iStockPhoto

Note: Demo images are not included, instead placeholder images are used.


  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
    • Schick Free Your Skin – Retouching by Electric Art

JS Plugins

Template Changelog

v.1.0.7 – 11/03/16

Files Affected:

1. css/avalanche.css
1. js/
2. js/
3. js/timber.master.min.js


1. Chrome 49 slider visibility bug

v.1.0.6 – 02/10/15

Files Affected:

1. css/avalanche.css
2. css/timber.css


1. Fixed - :last-child margin bug for Avalanche Slider captions.
2. Fixed - IE Edge overflow issue for thumbnail rollovers.

v.1.0.5 – 14/09/15

Files Affected:

1. js/timber.js
2. js/timber.min.js
3. js/timber.master.min.js
4. js/template-functions.js
5. js/
6. js/
7. js/
8. js/
9. js/


Improved - Accordion and Tab structure. See new markup under Framework Documention
Improved - Hero Section 5 structure

Added - Support for large, small and no margins for all portfolio grids. See "Portfolio Sections" in Template Documentation
Added - Width and Height attribute for fullscreen sections. Attributes used for calculating ratio of background image for scaling on mobile. See "Fullscreen Sections" in Template Documentation
Added - Threshold data attribute ("data-threshold") support for animated page element
Added - "header-fixed-on-mobile" class to force sticky header on mobile
Added - New helper classes for clearing floats and centring content. See "Helper Classes" in Framework Documentation
Added - Support for multiple map markers. See "CSS, JS and PHP" files in Template Documentation.
Added - New helper classes for masonry grids (force elements to fade in progressively on load and force fit rows)
Added - Support for "hide/show" class for "navigation-show toggle" button
Added - New rollover classes for thumbnails. See "Images" in Framework Documentation

Changed - Padding from individual section classes to the "section-block" class for easer management of spacing
Change - Rollover class structure.  See "Images" in Framework Documentation

Updated  - Entypo font icons. Now includes 400+ icons. See "Icons" in Framework Documentation

Fixed - Mega Menu z-index bug 
Fixed - iPad mobile menu toggle button bug
Fixed - Fixed resize bug in Avalanche causing distorted images on first load
Fixed - Counter multiple call bug
Fixed - Firefox bug for jagged slider transitions
Fixed - Blockquote icon line height issue

v.1.0.4 – 16/04/15

Files Affected:

1. js/template-functions.js
2. php/send-email.php
3. php/subscribe.php


1. Improved -  Error handling for contact and sign up form.
2. Fixed - Contact form bug.

v.1.0.3 – 06/04/15

Files Affected:

1. js/timber.js
2. js/timber.min.js
3. js/timber.master.min.js
4. js/template-functions.js
5. css/templates.css
6. Nietzsche Edge/portfolio/mud-clothing.html
7. Nietzsche Edge/portfolio/man-vs-nature.html
8. Nietzsche Edge/portfolio/palm-restaurant.html


1. Improved -  How content is handled in fullscreen sections.
2. Added -  Close event to overlay navigation screen. Clicking on anything except a menu link will now close the overlay navigation.
3. Added - Retinize plugin call to the core functions. Now it's enough to simply add the data attribute "data-2x" to any image tag for it to be retinized.
4. Updated - Published section on how to scroll to specific section within page, see:

v.1.0.2 – 27/03/15

Files Affected:

1. js/
2. js/
3. js/timber.master.min.js


Update affects the Avalanche Slider. New parameter added (pauseOnHover) that allows users to turn off the default behaviour whereby slideshow pauses on mouseover.

v.1.0.1 – 24/03/15

Files Affected:

1. css/templates.css
2. js/template-functions.js
3. js/timber.master.min.js
4. All project files of both Edge and Minimal version. Only Social Share links at the bottom of each project are affected.


1. Improved -  Fullscreen section appearance on mobile devices.
2. Added -  Support for scrolling to a specific section within the same page.
3. Included - jQuery UI for JS easing support.
4. Fixed - Z-index bug for fullscreen sections where content was not selectable.
5. Fixed - Facebook share button code. Now uses open graph and no longer requires users to generate App ID.
6. Updated - Published section for Social Share Links in offline and online documentation.


Nietzsche – Creative Multi-Purpose HTML Template

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