Marital Discord in Astrology Stop 2022

Marital Discord in Astrology

Today 2022

People normally say that a marriage has been settled in haven and is performed at the earth. It is seen that a married person is leading a very peaceful, prosper and comfortable life, but many are such who are weeping over married life and consequent upon this tension. All these are because of mismatch and adverse compatibility.

Marital discord is a universal problem all over the world. The reasons can be many including the economical, lack of physical and psychological compatibility, extra-marital relationships, aggressive attitudes, selfish nature, over ambitions etc.

Astrology can accurately reveal the ins and outs of human life, and therefore, can advice beneficially. Definitely, it has immense value, for astrology can give true guidance and advice regarding one’s marriage.

Basic Factors Responsible for Marital Discord

·       Strength of ascendant

·       Moon—revels the desires of human mind

·       Venus—revels sexual appetite, love, desire, and happiness

·       Mars—assists in strengthening the sexual instincts in the ease of marriage or to help to establish sexual relationship.

·       Jupiter—significator of husbands for women

·       Sun/Saturn/Rahu— fiery, separative in nature

·       2nd house—denotes family

·       5th house — love affairs and marriage following intercourse

·       7th house— stands for love and matrimony,

Wife/husband/law suits, partnerships.

 Different Combination for Marital Discord

·       Weakness of 2nd /7th houses because of planets present in the house or the lords of house are

1.   Malefic in nature

2.   Inauspicious placement of lords

3.   Combust

4.   Debilitated

5.   Are in infancy or old -age state

6.   Afflicted by functional malefic nodes [Rahu/Ketu]

7.   Sandwiched between malefic planets

·       2nd /7th houses or their lords afflicted by the separative planet like Sun/Saturn/Rahu.

·       6/8 placement of 1st/7th lords—separation/divorce/break of agreement.

·       If lords of 1st/ 7th/2nd and Venus are occupying unfavourable houses/combust/debilitated/in enemy sign misfortune will happen after marriage.

·       Venus and Mercury in 7th house make a person of loose morals and drag to have extra marital relations.

·       Mars when debilitated and forming relationship with 1st/7th houses or their lords, make the person aggressive and ill tempered.

·       Node or Rahu/Ketu joining closely Mars makes native/spouse stray and that becomes the reasons for the discord.

·       The ascendant/Moon of husband/wife in inimical signs sows the seeds of inharmonious relations.

·       Afflicted or weak Jupiter shows selfish nature of married partner.

·       6/8 placement of Venus and Moon denotes disputes in love and marriage.

·       Aspect of at least two retrograde planets on 1st/7th houses/lords.

·       Saturn and Rahu/Mars and Rahu/Sun and Mars combinations afflicts 1st/7th denotes disputes and discords.

·       8th/12th lords occupy 3rd house, and 7th house with nods/malefic planets, divorce or separation takes place. 

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