I Will Make Your Offspring Like The Dust Of The Earth So Anyone Could Choose To Count Them All Still 2022

I Will Make Your Offspring Like The Dust Of The Earth So Anyone Could Choose To Count Them All

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In moments that had brought the recollection of unconscious events, extraordinary objects, the cultivation of unseemly thoughts and words, swirling, churning, surging, swimming all about, In mountains of pleasure there had been sacrifices on the altar, the beginning, the appearance, the arrival, the onset, the quest for absolute truth, a silent passage in the sacred chasm of a meaningless muse, still there is something to be said for a boisterous ruckus crawling from within a blessed ground, So they will gather like scraps of severed metal, sharp faced tourniquets reaping, sleeping turning up the fertile soil, But whether you choose to consider their significance it is really up to you, bad gifts have been known to make peace with the earth for whatever purpose might balance the birthing process, But someday someone shall pull up the numbers counting upon their fingers and their toes, There will be no evil enemies, no need for a sparkling flame as there are only a number of reasons to pass the eternal last name,
In fleeting seconds particles have been burned creating bold images cast within the darkest night, Wholesale objects have provided a flash, the price of a slice and sliver,
Yet there is nothing to be found within the forces that shall begin to bury their terms, blind voices sagging so gently upon the softness of all who might choose to see,
In sad circumstances there may be hungry children climbing on a slippery hill, raised expectations, gambling down a landslide, a retractable shadow, a merciless deadly spill.

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