How to Please a Man With Oral Sex – How to Give Him Mind Blowing and Toe Curling Pleasure Today 2022

How to Please a Man With Oral Sex – How to Give Him Mind Blowing and Toe Curling Pleasure

Still 2022

If you want to take your man on a ride to orgasm heaven and to give him an experience that is going to blow his mind, then you are going to need a little help. You need to learn how to please a man with oral sex so you can give him mind blowing and toe curling pleasure. Now is the time that you learned some fellatio techniques that are really going to give him an experience he will never forget.

Men love oral sex because nothing feels quite as amazing as it. There are some men out there who prefer the sensation that oral sex gives to them, as opposed to sex. Oral sex offers men a completely new sense of stimulation and it is truly something that all men need to experience. If you are withholding performing fellatio on your man, now is the time to stop and to learn how you can feel pleasure from this too.

Giving your man mind numbing and toe curling pleasure to the point where he has an explosive orgasm has got to be something that turns you on. Knowing you are the reason behind why he felt this intense pleasure is something to be proud of and happy about. If you can feel turned on by that, then you can start to enjoy giving him fellatio.

To please a man with oral sex, the key is to make it wet. You want to either use your saliva as a lubricant for him or you want to use some lubricant to keep things wet. The wetter it is, the better it is going to feel for him. As well, this keeps things moving well when your hand is on the shaft stroking him. The friction is cut down immensely and this benefits you both.

You also want to make sure that your mouth doing more than just being on the tip of his member. Just resting your mouth there while your hand does all of the work is not how you give a man great fellatio. If you really want him to remember this, then you must use your mouth to suck or blow on him. As well, use your lips and tongue to caress the tip of his penis for added stimulation and pleasure.

Use these tips tonight and not only is your man going to love oral sex, but you are going to love it too. Seeing your man shake and squirm from giving him mind blowing and toe curling pleasure, is a sight that would turn any woman on.
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