Feel Like a Stuffed Sausage? 3 Ways To Get Unstuffed And Into Making an Impact Still 2022

Feel Like a Stuffed Sausage? 3 Ways To Get Unstuffed And Into Making an Impact

Still 2022

Recently, a student told me she felt like a “stuffed sausage” and was so overwhelmed that she felt almost paralyzed.

She was in several courses helping her get traffic and visibility to her website, but nothing seemed to be working to get her any paying clients. She was learning about different types of social media and traffic getting. With little to no results…

Have you ever felt this way? I hear it a lot and I have a few suggestions.

1. Focus on getting YOUR information out there, rather than always being in “information-gathering” mode. Someone out there needs what you can help them with, and the longer you stay in confusion, in info-gathering and at the “stuffed sausage” stage, the less you can help them (and even less chances that you’ll get paid for it).

2. Focus on list building. You’ve heard it from me and you’ve heard it from other super successful entrepreneurs – “list building is KEY, all roads lead to list building, your wealth is in your list”. Some people have listened and made it a priority and their results show it.

And then I speak with some of you and rather than focus on what has been proven and what works (has worked since the 1800’s and works NOW), you’re off and running after the next “brand new shiny object”. All those “shiny objects” (Pinterest, Kindle books, iTunes podcasts, FB ads, metc… ) when implemented properly – all lead to building your list community.

Yet, while you’re learning those “shiny objects”, you don’t have a PROVEN prospect conversion funnel, so all the time you’re spending learning and even implementing “shiny objects” doesn’t matter at all because you haven’t put your conversion funnel into place.

“Brand new shiny objects” are simply DISTRACTIONS and busy work UNTIL you get a prospect conversion funnel. (If you don’t like that language, let’s call it your “tribe attracting positive mojo pages”, whatever… just GET IT DONE.

3. Forget life-long learning. Most people like to think of themselves as “life long learners”. To truly make an impact with your work, decide to change your love of “life-long learning” into love for “life long implementing” – This will require that you fall on your face (a lot!) so it can be a lot scarier than hiding behind learning and info-gathering, but you will get RESULTS.

Bottom Line: If you don’t have a PROVEN prospect conversion funnel, you’ll always be struggling for the next sale in your business.

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