Easy Business (5 in 1)

Easy Business (5 in 1)

Easy Business (5 in 1)


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Easy Business is a very simple business template with five ready main color options (and yet you can customize to whatever color you want with the PSD files), the template is animated with some smooth javascript effects on the menu and in the featured section (live preview speaks for itself).

  1. Live preview for the green style
  2. Live preview for the blue style
  3. Live preview for the wine style
  4. Live preview for the orange style
  5. Live preview for the brown style

The meaning of the minimalist design is to give your content the focus it deserves, so people can know very fast what is the purpose of the website.


  • Full layered PSD layout (and other PSD files to make your life easier)
  • Semantic and clean code, very easy to customize, update and maintain
  • Nice and subtle javascript effects to improve user experience
  • Working PHP contact form with server-side validation, just add your email and it is working.

Inside the help file included in the package you will also find my contact information for customizations and support.


Easy Business (5 in 1)

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