Dine – Elementor Restaurant WordPress Theme

Dine – Elementor Restaurant WordPress Theme

Dine – Elementor Restaurant WordPress Theme


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Dine is a WordPress theme designed by Elementor page builder and WordPress live customization. It’s made for restaurant, bar, café, bistro, coffee shop and all kinds of food-related businesses.

Quick information:

  • Self-hosted WordPress theme
  • Compatible with PHP 7, 8, WordPress 6.0, Gutenberg, Elementor, WooCommerce, Restaurant Reservation, Slider Revolution, SEO Yoast.
  • Latest version: 4.0 – August 01, 2022 – view change log.



Dine is compatible with WordPress 6.0, Gutenberg editor, widget editor and we’ll always assure theme compatibility with future WordPress versions. We also support Classic Editor for those who don’t like the Gutenberg editor.



All prebuilt demos are included in the download package and will appear in your backend after installing the theme. Choose any demo, click “Import” then wait for few minutes then your site will turn into 100% same as demo.



All demos are built by Elementor page builder – The most popular page builder at the moment with long-term support and future developments. Dine comes with few powerful addons:

  • DINE Form: Allows you to display Reservation form, Contact form or Mailchimp Newsletter form with customization each input/button/label element or form layout.
  • DINE Button: A highly customizable button element that allows you to customize color/border/background, hover effect as well as typography. It can be linked to any page, anchor or can open a lightbox/popup (eg. Off canvas)
  • DINE Logo: Display your header/footer logo or any type of logo with text/image or mixed option.
  • DINE Navigation: A comprehensive widget that allows you to display horizontal or vertical navigation menu. Also, it lets you customize each item/spacing and dropdown in details.
  • DINE Food Menu: Built-in food menu with 1, 2 or 3-column options. Set menu item name, description, price, image and you can even adjust text/color in details.
  • DINE Gallery: 2 gallery options: Grid/Metro with lightbox integrated. Showcase your most beautiful photos of your shop in a creative way.
  • DINE Posts Block: Display your recent posts or any post type in standard, grid or list layout. You can show/hide components as well as adjust typography, color of each title, excerpt, meta..
  • DINE Imagebox: Use creative typography over image background with this widget, it helps making your site modern and attractive.



Dine or none of our WordPress themes collect any kind of personal data, like email, name or IP addresses.



Dine integrates the Restaurant Reservation plugin into your site. You can activate it to manage your reservations right into your Dashboard instead of using any third-party service.



Dine is serious with mobile version. Everything being designed on Desktop is designed for mobile as well.


Dine assures compatibility with WooCommerce plugin. You can use install that plugin to build your shop.


Dine allows you to build header and footer by Elementor, via Dine blocks which are building blocks can be embedded into other parts of the theme. That allows you to control header/footer layout totally. You can add/remove anything from header/footer.


Dine Typography

With Dine, you can choose system fonts (Helvetica, Arial, Georgia..), any Google Fonts or upload your own font files.

Each Google Font, you can choose only necessary weights to optimize loading speed (many other themes load all weights that make your site heavier and slower).

If you concern third-party font service like Google Fonts, you can upload your own font files.


We understand showcasing your restaurant photos is critical. Dine has a [DINE] Gallery widget with plenty of options to create your own photo gallery for your restaurant.


Dine contains *pot file in languages directory, that allows you to translate this theme into your own language. You can use a plugin like Loco Translate or TranslatePress to translate your theme fully.


Build multilingual-ready site with WPML.


  • Clean Code & child theme included (easy to adapt)
  • Elegant  & Clean Design with “Simplicity” in mind
  • Supersmooth Parallax: For an  Exquisite Restaurantparallax smoothing is important. Dine with latest techniques allows you to experience parallax 60fps. We used modern translate3d transform, jarallax framework for best performance.
  • SEO friendly:   Dine is marked up by HTML5 tags and CSS3 for styling (latest techniques now).
  • Optimized for Speed: Dine Javascript files have been compressed by default (and still have option not to compress them), all CSS rules are simple, icons are font and we keep all queries at minimum.
  • Site Layouts : Wide layout (standard) & Boxed layout with custom background color & image
  • Header layouts: Unlimited with Header Builder
  • Footer layouts: Unlimited with Footer Builder
  • Live Customizer  with 1,000+ options : You can select any font from Google Fonts library for headings, body text and navigation. Switching accent color is easy!
  • Flexible Font / Typography options : You can change fonts for body text, heading text, text slider and navigation.
  • Google Fonts: Dropdown Select from Customizer: All Google Fonts in the library are ready to use.
  • Upload your own local font in the customizer, as well as you have *woff and *woff2 files.
  • Blog Layouts : Dine comes with 3 blog layouts: Standard, Grid, List
  • Side Navigation: Small dots on the side of your page to help visitors navigate better on your website.
  • Contact Form 7 supported: The most popular contact form plugin ever.
  • Google Maps plugin supported. Dine recommends & is compatible with WP Google Maps – a popular free google maps plugin with > 400K people using.
  • Unlimited Colors from Live Customizer. You can change colors for almost things: header, menu, footer, text color…
  • Sticky Navigation: Both on desktop and mobile
  • Transparent header supported
  • Comprehensive page layouts : Fullwidth, sidebar left, sidebar right
  • Beautiful Lightbox: Responsive image lightbox customized from Magnific Popup of dimsemenov.
  • Lifetime Updates once purchased. No subscription. You’ll get free updates forever.
  • Dedicated Support from Elite Author. Visit Support Desk .


All photos are purchased from Stocksy or downloaded freely from Unsplash. These photos will be imported in the demo but some photos are copyrighted.


In case you need support: withemes.ticksy.com


Version 4.0 – August 01, 2022

- feature: add [DINE] form elementor widget
- feature: add [DINE] btn elementor widget
- feature: add [DINE] logo elementor widget
- feature: add [DINE] navigation elementor widget
- feature: add [DINE] food menu elementor widget
- feature: add [DINE] posts elementor widget
- feature: add elementor section parallax option
- feature: add [DINE] Blocks
- feature: add header/footer builder options
- feature: add many customization options
- fix: compatible with WP 6.0
- fix: minor issues

Version 3.3.1 – May 30, 2022

- fix: compatible with the latest Elementor 
- fix: minor plugin issues

Version 3.3 – March 21, 2022

- feature: search option in customizer panel
- feature: option for disable logo
- feature: option for logo typography
- feature: option for disable menu
- feature: more options for dropdown menu
- feature: option for header fullwidth
- feature: option for hamburger on desktop
- feature: option for custom logo width on tablet, mobile
- feature: option for custom header height on tablet, mobile
- feature: allow to display header after an Elementor section
- change get_option to theme_mod

Version 3.2.1 – July 30, 2021

- feature: search option in customizer panel
- feature: option for disable logo
- feature: option for logo typography
- feature: option for disable menu
- feature: more options for dropdown menu
- feature: option for header fullwidth
- feature: option for hamburger on desktop
- feature: option for custom logo width on tablet, mobile
- feature: option for custom header height on tablet, mobile
- feature: allow to display header after an Elementor section
- change get_option to theme_mod

Version 3.2.1 – July 30, 2021

- fix _target issue for header CTA button
- compatible with WordPress 5.8

Version 3.2 – October 27, 2020

- update WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution to latest version
- fix side nav dark/light issue
- fix star icon on shop page
- update fontawesome version to fontawesome 5

Version 3.1.1 – June 04, 2020

- fix long menu item name issue on mobile
- update WPBakery Page Builder, Slider Revolution to latest version

Version 3.1 – March 06, 2020

- Featured added: Demo Wine
- Featured added: post grid element
- Featured added: post list addon element
- Featured added: option for top/middle/bottom vertical align image text
- Featured added: the slider navigation diamond style
- Featured added: improve button: option for shape, border thickness, font, effect..
- Featured added: more options for heading of menu element
- Featured added: open new tab option for header button
- Featured added: improve font loading and css engine for better performance
- Featured added: option for normal header button
- Featured added: option for menu items stay near the logo
- Featured added: recommend instagram feed plugin
- Featured added: add option text logo font weight
- Featured added: dedicated panel for design elements
- Featured added: option to disable footer bottom area

- Update: WPBakery Page Builder to v6.1
- Update: Slider Revolution to v6.2.1
- Update: Dine Framework to v3.1

- Fix: star icon on blog pages
- Fix: font awesome 4, 5 conflict issue
- Fix: logo title, alt issue, footer logo title, alt issue
- Fix: smooth scroll issue with query on URL

Version 3.0.2 – August 07, 2019

- Fix open table date field
- Fix overlay z-index issue

Version 3.0.1 – July 25, 2019

- Update WPBakery Page Builder to latest version 6.0.5
- Update Slider Revolution to latest version 6.0.7
- Fix overlay z-index issue on mobile

Version 3.0 – June 18, 2019

- Featured Added: Add SeaFood Demo
- Featured Added: Upload custom fonts
- Feature Added: WPML Compatible
- Feature Added: Add testimonial element
- Feature Added: Add Body Site Border
- Feature Added: Add footer copyright option to bottom
- Featured Added: Social icons in footer bottom
- Featured Added: Allow to upload custom page separator image
- Featured Added: Allow to upload custom footer separator image
- Featured Added: Instagram spacing option
- Featured Added: Metro Gallery Gutter Option
- Featured Added: WP 5.0 & Gutenberg ready
- Featured Added: Add indicator for drop down menu
- Featured Added: Add boxed layout
- Featured Added: Add option to stop compressing JS automatically
- Featured Added: More beautiful hamburger icon to open off canvas menu
- Featured Added: One-click import demo
- Featured Added: Update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version
- Featured Added: Update Dine Framework plugin to 3.0
- Featured Added: Slider Revolution included
- Featured Added: Custom color, title size for menu element
- Featured Added: Image width for menu element and option to hide menu heading
- Featured Added: Menu heading alignment
- Featured Added: Improve booking form & modal
- Featured Added: Column option for booking element
- Featured Added: Add instagram widget
- Featured Added: Option for show/hide header social icons

- Fix: accent color & font issue
- Fix: Google font load issue
- Fix video background not playing on mobile
- Fix: row overlay + parallax issue
- Fix: Fix scrolling issue using off canvas menu
- Fix: Fix off canvas menu issue when in customizer
- Fix: new WooCommerce 3.6 version compatible
- Fix: input forms on mobile (no border radius & shadow)

Version 2.1 – December 17, 2018

- Recommend Google Maps plugin
- Stop supporting Google Maps element. move to "deprecated" elements.
- Update WPBakery Page Builder to v5.6 - latest version

Version 2.0.1 – March 22, 2018

- fix instagram issue
- update visual composer to v5.4.7
- fix blur gallery issue

Version 2.0 – January 09, 2018

- more blog layouts: standard / grid / list
- add_image_size( 'dine_grid' )
- option for star icon on pages
- option for star icon in footer
- combine js files to get a smaller number of files
- more options for menu: food image and option for highlighting.
- add instagram element for page builder
- add counter element for page builder
- add list element for page builder
- improve slider element (much more options, fullscreen & carousel & caption)
- improve gallery element (metro gallery)
- add more templates for contact form
- fully support Restaurant Reservations plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/restaurant-reservations/
- add more font weights to css classes: extralight, thin
- option for change the icon
- add flexible_text class for big text to be resized
- add default visual composer templates for ease of use
- compatible with WooCommerce v3.2
- Update Documentation

Version 1.3.1 – November 29, 2017

- Update Visual Composer to v5.4.5
- Compatible with WP 4.9
- Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2

Version 1.3 – October 20, 2017

- Update Visual Composer
- Compatible with WP 4.8.2
- Compatible with WooCommerce 3.1
- Google Map API Key Option
- Reduce size for image in gallery element
- Fix z-index issue on checkout page
- Fix opentable timetable issue

Version 1.2 – August 01, 2017

- sticky header on mobile
- compatible with WooCommerce v3.1.x
- fix text slider
- fix WooCommerce checkout issue when select country, state..

Version 1.1 – May 31, 2017

- WooCommerce Compatible
- fix overlay issue for row
- tripadvisor icon if domain not tripadvisor.com
- yelp icon if domain not yelp.com

Version 1.02 – May 22, 2017

- fix off canvas menu on android devices
- fix text slider to big on mobile

Version 1.01. – April 14, 2017

- Update Visual Composer v5.1.1
- Correct OpenTable builder element function.

Version 1.0

- Initial Release


Dine – Elementor Restaurant WordPress Theme

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