Combinations Proclaiming the Birth of an Exceptionally Beautiful Woman in Leo Ascendant Stop 2022

Combinations Proclaiming the Birth of an Exceptionally Beautiful Woman in Leo Ascendant

Still 2022

For a Leo girl the presence of Mercury in the second of Virgo can make her extremely beautiful. The second house represents the face neck upwards; hence, exalted Mercury in the second house can make her look like an eternal virgin. This girl will definitely be doe-eyed with a very pleasing face; the cut of her jib will be divine, and the timber of her voice will match the beauty of her face. The presence of the Moon in the ninth house and the Sun in the third house of Libra with Venus, and Jupiter in its own fifth house (Sagittarius) with exalted Mars in the sixth (Capricorn) will be unique placement of planets for the reasons given below: the Sun has its fall in Libra, where it sits with the lord of Libra, Venus.

The full aspect of the Sun on the ninth full Moon can create wonders for the native. When two luminaries face each other, the sparks fly. Venus is the uchchanath of the Moon, which means it is the lord of the house (Taurus) where the Moon is exalted; its direct aspect on the Moon is also good. In addition to this, the aspect of fifth Jupiter in Sagittarius on the ninth Moon enhances the Moon’s auspiciousness considerably. Further, the Mars in the sixth is very powerful, that too in its exaltation. Its fourth, full aspect on the Moon sitting in Aries i.e. one step away from exaltation, in a sign owned by Mars, becomes a force multiplier. The Moon’s full aspect on the ascendant lord Sun carries the effects of Jupiter and Mars to it; it should not be forgotten that these three planets viz. Jupiter, Mars and the Moon are the bosom friends of the Sun, while Mars is also its uchchanath. The blemish of the ascendant lord Sun’s fall is also cancelled because, the Sun’s uchchanath Mars is in the angle from the third house of Libra, where its lord Venus is also present. Venus and the Sun’s angular placement from Mars and Moon cancels its fall completely. In the above placements of planets the birth of a real beauty is a foregone conclusion.

If the Sun is in the first house of Leo in the above set up, then it receives the ninth full aspect of Jupiter and the eighth full aspect of Mars, this will definitely make the girl a majestic lioness in appearance.

Similarly the ninth Sun in Aries (its exaltation) and the tenth Venus in Taurus with Mercury creating a powerful Maalvya Yog. With the third full Moon in Libra (the sign of eternal beauty) receiving the fifth full aspect of eleventh Jupiter poised for exaltation in the sign of Gemini can also make a girl immensely charming.

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