Astrology and the Killing of China’s Children Discover 2022

Astrology and the Killing of China’s Children

Today 2022

If you’ve been following the news, you will have noticed a very disturbing development in China. There have been a number of attacks on schools and nurseries, in which many children have been killed or injured. The perpetrator has always been a lone male, with a real or imagined grievance, who has decided to take out his anger on the most precious and most vulnerable members of society.

As far as I can gather, the first attack happened in the town of Nanping, on March 23 2010, at 7.20 am. The perpetrator was a doctor, and he killed eight children. He was executed the following month. Since then there have been a number of copycat attacks.

From an astrological perspective, I wanted to understand what was going on. My first impulse was to blame it on Mars in Leo. It could be argued that this sign has a special association with children. It’s the fifth sign of the Zodiac, and in astrology the Fifth House is the House of Children. Mars, by contrast, is the planet of aggression, so one could say that while Mars is moving through Leo children are vulnerable to attack.

Usually Mars is a fast-moving planet, but in late 2009 and early 2010 it stays a long time in this sign – it entered Leo in October 2009 and leaves early next month. So the influence of Mars in Leo is prolonged and very intense.

However these attacks on children are not a universal phenomena. They seem to be restricted to China. We therefore need to look at why China is being singled out.

So I set up the horoscope for the People’s Republic of China, that came into being on October 1 1949, apparently at 3.15 pm. In this horoscope the ruler of the Fifth House of Children is Mercury. Mercury is in the Eighth House of Death, going backwards towards a conjunction of the Sun. In other words, Mercury is in a pretty awful position. This might reflect China’s policy of only allowing families to have one child, and the fact that this can lead to the abortion and infanticide of supposedly ‘undesirable’ female offspring.

Furthermore, in China’s chart the planet Uranus is in the Fifth House, in the sign Cancer. This Uranus is about unusual policies, relating to children and family.

I then can’t help noticing that in 2010 Pluto, the planet of dark obsession, is making an 180-degree aspect to China’s Uranus. Perhaps this was one of the triggers for the killings?

When we look at the horoscope for the first killing, on March 23, we see that the Moon was in the Third House of eduction, making a 90-degree aspect to Uranus. So the chart was about schools, and sudden attacks on their pupils that come from nowhere. The ruler of the Fifth House in this chart was the Sun in Aries, which was making a close, 180-degree aspect to Saturn. It was also making a 90-degree aspect to Pluto.

This Sun-Saturn-Pluto configuration was certainly very heavy, and it could have manifested in many ways. However the deranged doctor, by attacking when he did, focused the astrological energy on children.

As to how long these attacks will continue, hopefully the latest attack, on May 12, in which seven children were killed, was the last. And maybe once Mars leaves Leo, on June 7, one of the astrological causes for the attacks will disappear. Unfortunately that sounds a bit too simple.
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