About Mars Today 2022

About Mars

Today 2022

Of all the planets Mars is very difficult to understand. If you can predict the behaviour of Mars, you have mastered Astrology. It is because, Mars apart from his behavior according to his House, Aspects, association etc., he has got a special nature of provoking the other planets. He makes the other planets behave , which otherwise are less harmful. Mars causes Rahu to throw his Maya , Illusion and hallucinations. Mars causes Saturn to become more dreadful, than what actually he is. Mars makes Sun, Mercury ,Venus and even Jupiter malefics. Mars causes accident and injury. After that he leaves the balance of destruction to Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Venus; depending upon the location and aspects of these planets in a horoscope.

The nature of Mars becomes dominant, with respect to relationship of marriage and family members of the natal, when positioned in houses,1,4 ,7, 8 and 12, which is called Kuja Dosha. This has to be interpreted carefully, since almost all the horoscopes have it in one way or the other. But house no.1 and 8 are more harmful. The position of Mars in a chart determines a person’s personality. It gives more dominant position , assertion, less reasoning, childish cry of getting the things and objectives, come what may. Such positioning of Mars in Dosha houses, causes conflict with spouses, frequent quarrels. makes the life of the spouse, miserable. But relationship will not be broken down. Since the Martians need association to get pleasure by harming. Martians get pleasure, as a cat would get in dealing with a mouse.

Mars is the son of Earth. Kuja or Bhumija means the son of earth. Mars represents the garbha or womb of mother earth. He carries the heat, blackness, energy, fire , red-hot lava, and exerts his nature causing destruction . Mars induces self-aggrandisement, selfishness. Causes us to think, others live for us. Mars is male son. Mars represents masculinity, virility, vitriolity and dominant sex. Whereas the Venus represents the contra. Mars causes impotence, weak mind, distortions, aberrations. When Mars causes impotence, the mind is diseased. The Moon and / or Rahu behave in tandem with Mars. The distinction between Mars and Rahu, in causing the disease of the mind is that the Rahu creates illusions or hallucinations. But Mars does not create illusions, but makes a person get attracted to the sex, perversity, abnormality.

A person may attract towards a lady who is more aged or young. A person is attracted to unscrupulous, ill-virtuous ladies. Here there is no illusion. In fact that lady is more attractive. She attracts by her looks, body, colour; and even by odor. This is infatuation. Mars makes a person to fall for such infatuation. Whereas a healthy mind only appreciates the thing of beauty, as Keats did. Mars makes a person to go for all that is attractive. He creates vibrations in the mind, which makes a person to loose money for getting things which may make other persons envious. Whether a thing is necessary or the spending is necessary or not, Mars creates such childishness in the mind, ultimately the person looses money and looses the thing also as waste.Mars in association with Mercury is the cause for Personality Disorers, such as Sigmund Freud’s id and Excess spending. There is nothing in this world that what a Mars can do or undo things , either by himself or through provocation of other planets.

Yet on a higher pedestal. Mars is an engineer. He is creative. Use of tools, utility, innovation, and a builder. He is a Yogi. Especially Hatha Yoga and Tantra which require strength, determination and concentration of mind and body. Mars is a Marshall- General. He will not go into the triviality of much thinking before acting. Act first. Aim victory, and nothing else will do. Alas! Mars is always victorious. The other things follow. Mars will not listen to others. He would not reason out things. Or he may not be patient enough . That is why the Mars people are very difficult to handle. They are usually ferocious and aggressive. One can see marks of wounds on the body of a Mars person.

For Cancer and Leo ascendants, he is Rajayoga Karaka. For Mars Capricorn is the sign of exaltaion and Cancer is the sign of debility. For Jupiter vice-versa. In the horoscope of Lord Rama, whose ascendant is Cancer, Mars is posited in 7th house of Capricorn. Even though Mars is not a separative planet [ Sun, Saturn Rahu, Ketu and Lord of 12th ], brought about separation of Rama with his wife Sita, augmenting the power of 7th house, whose Lord is Saturn, a separative planet. He got back his wife only through a war ( Mars content ). Mars being the Lord of 5th house,[Scorpio is the negative house of Mars ] which stands for issues and children, Lord Rama’s sons were separated from him and even fought a battle ( Mars content ) with their father. [ For in-depth analysis , see, This Author’s Book of Articles : Horoscope of Rama Avatar].

Regarding the Deity of Mars, there are three views. According to one view , the deity is Hanuman; According to another view, the deity is Muruga or Kartikeya, the Second son of Lord Shiva. One more view is that the deity is Lord Laksmi Narasimha.Mars is considered as Vishnu Avatarof Narasihma. Worship Lord Hanuman on a Saturday ; Or worship Lord Lakshmi Narasimha on a Tuesday. Definitely Mars will be pleased to bestow his grace . At least a person is bestowed, if that person is rid of the “Kapi Cheshta” ,by Mars. Worship of Skanda or his different forms – Muruga, Karthikeya, Subramanya is very difficult, since He is a strict disciplinarian. Like wise Lord Narasimha alone without Laksmi beside. But Hanuman is a different character.

Even though He is a celibate, His detachment of worldly life will not come in the way of understanding the difficulties of this Samsara. He comes to the rescue of those who are in distress, easily.Lord Hanuman represents or causes the blessings of the following deities :Saturn through Shiva & Parvathi, Mercury through Rama & Sita, Mars through Lakshmi-Narasihma,Venus through Lakshmi or Parvathi. Worship one deity and get four others free.
Hint : Those who are in share market, follow Mars. Follow aspect by Jupiter on Mars. Follow the timings of events, such as Mars in Aries, Reliance alliance, Boom in Indian share market, which will continue up to February 2006.

About Mars, is the first article on Mars. There are other articles which are published Ezine Articles as Blame it on Mars, There is a Mars in my kitchen. Readers are requested to read all the articles and have prosperity , since Mars is the karaka of energy and prowess, who is easy to please. Reading and knowing about Mars is also a way of worship.


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