Fi-Foil’s Silver Shieldâ„¢ is an insulating product composed of multiple layers of low emittance (low-e) materials designed to significantly reduce radiant heat transfer. The inside layer is a metalized polymer. The outside layer is reinforced aluminum foil kraft paper bonded with a fire retardant adhesive. The layers expand when installed to form a reflective air space to provide enhanced thermal performance and protect the low emittance surface from the performance reducing effects of dust accumulation. Since metalized and foil-based aluminum products have a near zero water vapor permeance, Silver Shieldâ„¢ is perforated to allow water vapor transmission. Product applications include roofs and walls.

Radiant Barrier System (RBS) is a building construction consisting of a low emittance (0.1 or less) surface bounded by an open air space. An RBS is used for the primary purpose of limiting heat transfer by radiation. Reflective Insulation is thermal insulation consisting of one or more low emittance surfaces, bounding one of more enclosed air spaces. Reflective Insulations reduce radiant and convective heat transfer.


  • Attics: Silver Shieldâ„¢ can be installed in roof cavities for attic radiant barrier applications. In addition to the reflective properties of the product, the enclosed air space provides an R-value which increases the thermal performance of the attic insulation system. This product application reduces ceiling heat transfer, improves the performance of HVAC systems and ducts, as well as improves comfort levels in both winter and summer conditions.
  • Walls facing Attic Spaces: Vertical knee walls in bonus rooms present design challenges for maintaining thermal performance over time. Silver Shieldâ„¢ assists the mass insulation by maintaining the alignment with the air barrier or wall board. In essence, Silver Shieldâ„¢ holds mass insulation against the drywall to prevent attic-air circulation. In addition, Silver Shieldâ„¢ reduces the respective heat gain and loss in summer and winter conditions by providing a low-e surface(s) facing the attic adding to the R-value of the insulation system
  • External Walls: Silver Shieldâ„¢ can be used in a wall cavity to reduce heat gain and loss through radiation and convection. Thermal Performance varies with the placement of the product in the wall assembly
    Furring/Stud Spacing (o.c.) 16” 24”
    Width Expanded 17.5” 25.5”