Portable Battery Bank for Mobile Emergency Power

MOGS (Mobile Off Grid System)

MOGS are emergency solar power systems containing mobile battery banks with built-in inverter and charge controller that can be charged up, unplugged and transported if needed. The units are custom designed in steel housing to be compact, concealed, and powerful. MOGS can also be tied to a residential or commercial solar array. A MOGS 2.0 with 8 6 Volt batteries tied to a 3.0kW solar array will provide 7.1kWh per day worth of usable, rechargeable power.

MOGS Useful Features:

  • Auto Startup – If the electrical grid goes down unit powers on automatically
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use – It can be placed anywhere in or outside the house
  • Compact and Self Contained – 33” x 24” x 42”
  • Durable – All steel alloy construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Solar Panel Charging – using solar panels MOGS can run indefinitely
  • Tax Incentives – qualifies for tax incentives when paired with Solar Panels

The solar power experts at Advance Solar Construction LLC specialize in customized and pre-packaged emergency solar power systems, to satisfy the needs of both home and commercial applications. By analyzing your particular location, goals, requirements, and other key details, we help you select components such as the battery, solar panels, and inverter that perfectly match your requirements and can get you the most bang for your buck.