Increased Home/Business Value

One of the biggest immediate benefits of adding a Solar Energy system is it increases the value of your home or business, often times dollar per dollar spent, or more. This is because you are creating an exteremely energy efficient home or business and selling the benefit of low to Zero energy bills to the future owner.

There are also various Local Rebates and Tax Credits available for Solar Power, Solar Air Conditioning and Solar Hot Water Heating systems in Florida.

Here is a list of several solar tax credits and rebates. Some of them are limited in funding and have specific open windows and parameters for qualifying. Please always consult your personal or business tax adviser for receiving the most benefit related to tax credits and deductions.

Federal 30% Income Tax Credit

The Federal Government is offering a Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit & Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, available until the end of 2016. You will be credited back 30% of the total cost of your Solar Power, AC or Hot Water system. There is no maximum amount for this rebate.

Residential Solar Power Rebate Programs

Individual Electric and Power companies offer rebates on Residential Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power Systems. Ech power company has different outlines, and usually has limited funding in the State of Florida. It usually runs about $2 per Watt of installed Solar Power and is limited in the amount of funding allotted for the year. Check with your individual power company for full details.

Other Incentives and Rebates:

  • Duke Energy $550.00 credit for Solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems
  • FPL/TECO $1000.00 credit for Solar Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems
  • Window film credits from the individual power companies
  • Radiant Barrier and Insulation 10% up to $500.00
  • Net Metering Interconnection with Utility Companies

For complete information about all available solar energy rebates in Florida, check with your local energy provider, as many programs vary. We have provided links below for your convenience.

Federal Tax Credit Summary

Duke SunSense Programs

FPL Solar Programs

TECO Solar Programs

Florida Net Metering

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