What is SEER?
This stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The size of an air conditioner is rated in BTU or Tons, however the efficiency is rated in SEER. This ratio is calculated as cooling output divided by the power input for the average U.S. climate. It’s like MPG (miles per gallon) in a car – the higher the MPG (or SEER) the lower the gasoline (electricity) bill.

Does solar thermal technology qualify for tax credits?
Yes, the Solar system qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit on the entire system and its installation.

What is the life expectancy of a solar thermal air conditioning system?
The median life expectancy of the solar air conditioning and heating system is 20 years.

How does Advance Solar determine the size of air conditioning unit to install?
Our Solar Consultant will calculate the actual heating and cooling load on your home based on square footage and efficiency of the windows, doors, attic insulation and appliances. This will determine the proper size of equipment that is needed, and is compared to your current equipment and ductwork and adjusted based on your lifestyle.

Some rooms in our house are too hot (or cold). Can this be fixed?
Absolutely. There are a variety of causes for airflow problems. Sometimes the problems are due to a dirty filter, coil, and/or blower which results in reduced air flow passing through the air handler and causing the air to die off in the outer branches of the duct system. Occasionally it is improper attic insulation surrounding that particular duct in the room you are having issues. The seals on the duct work can also loosen and a resealing repair can solve the problem. In some cases, there are duct design issues. Solutions for hot or cool spaces can range from simple air balancing to replacement of ducts to advanced climate control systems such as a zone system.

Should I have a new programmable thermostat installed with my new system?
We offer thermostats that you can check and change your temperature from any smart phone or tablet. Programmable thermostats are an excellent tool to save energy. You can program the thermostat so that it raises and lowers the temperature automatically to coincide with your needs. They are particularly effective when your household is on a regular schedule and the program operates continuously. Aside from lowering your energy bill, a programmable thermostat offers additional comfort.

Is Solar Thermal technology reliable?
Yes! Solar thermal collectors have had 30+ years of success and are simply combined with modern-day HVAC technology to create optimum efficiency and output.