How much does a solar power system cost?
There are quite a few factors to consider in order to get an exact estimate. The cost of your solar investment will vary greatly depending on the size of the system, shade covering your home and available incentives. To find out how much an Advance Solar power system will decrease your electric bill, request your FREE solar quote and we will have one of our solar consultants visit you for a site survey.

Can my electric bill really decrease to $0?
Some solar systems do produce more electricity than is used each month, bringing net electricity costs to $0. However, there is still a minimal connection fee (typically about $100 per year) to remain connected to the electrical grid.

What incentives are available for solar?
Solar power systems sold in the U.S. are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit. Some additional state, local and utility incentives exist in many areas of Florida, further lowering the net cost of your investment. Browse benefits of solar in Florida, visit our Incentives page or Ask Us about the incentives available to you.

Do I get paid for my extra energy production?
Currently, in Florida, you can be paid for any excess electricity you create, in what is known as a Feed-In Tariff system. However, you are paid a significantly lesser amount than what you are billed by the electric company.

Can I install solar panels myself?
It is not recommended. The process requires both licensed electrical and roofing skills to ensure the solar power system is safe and optimally designed for 25+ years of production.

How does a solar system affect my roof integrity?
With proper design and installation following industry best practices, your roof should maintain all its pre-solar integrity. Advance Solar has been trained and certified as an Authorized Installer and conforms to best practices so that you can rest easy knowing your roof will be okay. We guarantee and warranty our installation quality.

How much maintenance does a solar system need?
With no moving parts and at least a 25-year expected life-span, the solar panels we install require very little maintenance. In fact, their design ensures that they remain relatively clean as long as they are exposed to rain or a quick rinse with a garden hose every few months.

How do solar systems fair in extreme weather conditions?
The panels we use are the Solar World Sunmodule solar panels. These panels can withstand high wind and heavy loads. In fact, they are rated higher than any other solar panels under UL standards.

Will my system still generate power during a blackout?
For the safety of workers attempting to fix power outages, solar systems that are connected to the electrical grid are required by utility regulations to shut off during blackouts. In Florida, blackouts are not a regularly occurring situation, so Advance Solar only recommends battery backup or traditional generators if you are concerned about losing power during a storm or hurricane.

Can I take my home off the electrical grid?
Yes, provided you install optional battery-backup systems to provide power when your demands exceed your production, such as at night, however, it is not typically recommended for several reasons. First, batteries add significant costs to your system, extending your payback period. Second, you may not be eligible for some incentives if you do not connect your system to your utility. Lastly, staying connected to the grid ensures you will rarely ever be without power, unlike batteries that have a limited lifespan and storage capacity.

Can my HOA or neighbors prevent me from installing a solar system?
In a lot of cases, no. Currently, Florida has a solar access law in place that provides protection against restrictions that can be imposed on you.

I don’t plan on being in my home for 25 years. Why would I add solar?
People move more frequently now than ever before, but that should not impact your solar decision. A solar system can save you money today and even pay for itself in as little as five to seven years. Even if you move before your solar investment is completely paid off, studies show the cost of the system will likely be returned in added value to your home. Plus, your home will most likely sell faster, because of the guaranteed low (or zero) electric bill. The Solar World warranty is even transferable one time to a new owner.